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From Our Farm To Our Store

We process our own milk in our facility located in the back portion of our retail farm market. This facility is inspected each quarter by the PA Dept. of Agriculture. We process whole, 2%, Skim, Chocolate, Strawberry and Eggnog milks. Plus we bottle light and heavy cream as well. We have been processing milk in our market since 1970.

Additionally, we manufacture our own homemade ice cream right in our farm market. We have created and produce over 90 different flavors of ice cream. This premium ice cream is a hallmark for Way-Har Farms. It consists of a 14% base milk then we add numerous inclusions to create so many different flavors and varieties.

We are here for the cows and ice cream cones!

For years now, we have raised, groomed and milked our cows. Our supreme cows have won awards from many shows.

Great place to get ice cream, sticky buns, milk, pastry products and other misc goods. The food they sell is super delicious! Staff are very nice. Highly recommended. Try the teaberry ice cream. Yumm!

Barb L.

My daughter and her fiancee brought home the most amazing shortly pie I’ve ever tasted, road trip coming up.

Angela B.

I had the chocolate ice cream with peanut butter sauce. Really delicious

Mary B.

Delicious ice cream and old timey shop atmosphere

Mathew B.

Great local ice cream stand & farm market. DOZENS OF FLAVORS OF HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!! Best thick milk shakes & ice cream sundays in the area. When you are traveling Rt 183 North of Reading, PA… be sure to stop.

Jeff Lee

Best raspberry dark chocolate chunk yogurt ever!!!

Suzy O.

Absolutely obsessed with their ice cream/milkshakes and their soft pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing. This pregnant mama loves living near by. Got both of them last night again!

Heather P.

Great ice cream fresh always and the staff is so nice

Fresh food · Great selection · Convenient location · Knowledgeable staff

Brittany F.

I love to stop here when I travel! They have great treats and a variety of bulk foods items. They serve great sandwiches! The staff is helpful and friendly. I would strongly recommend a stop at Way-Har Farm Store!!!!!

Ruth K.

Stopped in yesterday and bought two half gallons of Egg Nog. Best I’ve ever had!!! Thank you for providing a high quality products. We absolutely love your ice cream and now egg nog. I’ll be back to buy a gallon of it.

Don B.

Great locally made ice creams with patient staff allowing samples. Great, genuine country store atmosphere

Joshua W.

Great Ice Cream

Ray B.

Best ice cream and pies ever we go every so often live in sinking spring nice atmosphere we always enjoy our self our 9 year old we brought his friends yesterday happy campers.

Medici G.

Only milk we drink and we always look forward to the farm show for their famous thick milkshakes.

Vicki S.

Yes, I love the ice cream, but yesterday we got Fastnachts! Haven’t tasted any this good in decades!

Susie F.

Love the milk best around 🙂 and the milkshakes are awesome!

Angela L.

Awesome place for ice cream on a hot summer evening!!

Roger W.

When you the door you are hit with an amazing aroma of fresh baked goods!!! They have a large selection of ice cream flavors! I had the peanut butter Tandy cake with mini chocolate chips OMGOOSH!!! We will definitely go back for more!!!

Steph O.

Absolutely amazing. We went back for a second round of ice cream. They should bottle the smell of this place and sell it!

Marc A.

Awesome shakes & ice cream!

Great bakery!

Tammy W.

Excellent service and delicious ice cream.

Jennifer K.

Great place. Lots of ice cream flavors to choose from

Jeremy S.

We go there every year on our way to Christmas Village. We have to stop and get their great baked goods. There is not one thing that we didn’t like. I do wish you guys had raspberry pie though. But you guys do an awesome job and we will see you soon!! Keep up the good work!!!

Lisa P.

Great place to stop for ice cream or anything quick to eat.

Cindy S.

Fifty years fresh local market! A slice of East-Central Pennsylvania. Plenty of hand-made local fare as well as a full ice cream bar.

Joshua Krumholtz

I absolutely love the ice cream and milkshakes at Way-Har! It’s creamy deliciousness. My favorite is probably black raspberry, but I also enjoy peppermint stick, chocolate marshmallow, and the orange Island one that I don’t remember what it’s called! I try to stop every time I’m passing the 183 exit on 78.

Jodi G.

Delicious homemade ice cream, fresh milk and Boston Cream Cakes!!!

Nicole R.

Love the family owned farm store! Great place to stop

Taylor H.

Definitely stop in. This place is excellent!

Alexis L.

I love Way-Har! Brings back such great memories when my parents took me there often on the way to their property at Lake Wynonah. So love the ice cream, but the baked goods & chocolate milk are awesome, as well as the huge selection of candy!

Cindy C.

I always like to come here for their delicious black raspberry ice cream. I love all their flavors, but you will never find another place that makes black raspberry ice cream as silky smooth and soft with delicious flavor. Recommend eating it with a waffle cone!

Andrew B.

Always get a waffle cone of teaberry. Yum! And a pie or cake to take home.

Dave Z.

Great ice cream. Well worth the trip!

Christine E.

Great selection of farm fresh products, baked goods and the best ice cream in Berks

Shawn E.

Got ice cream and wow best ice cream I had in a long time great place to stop

Kunst S.

Real ice cream !!

Abe H.

Absolutely love this place! From fresh made in house cookies, brownies, cakes, extra you get the idea! Best ice cream in the world. Got to love milkshakes! Awesome people and they make everything from their cow source. I’d give more stars. Every thing but their ice cream is all random every time you’re there.

Justin G.

Best local store I’ve ever had the pleasure of going to! Awesome staff! I moved away over 10 years ago and walking in today for the first time. All of the foods were amazing just like I remembered.

Mike K.

Great little store selling great baked goods delicious foods and yummy ice creams.

Barbara B.

Very friendly people. Good verity of merchandise.

Tammy S.

Love this store…. I buy my raw honey and pure maple syrup there…. reasonably priced for big size.

Anthony M.

Amazing selection of amazing ice cream!

Matthew S.

Best ice cream EVER. Friendly staff. Family photos on display add nice touch.

Daphne H.

I am third generation to enjoy their ice cream. Drove hours out of the way from Tn. To Ny just so my son could be the fourth Generation. 😉 great place great dairy. Great baked goods!

Nate N.

Love the cheese bread and chocolate chip cream cheese cupcakes

Carolina R.

We love this place. Wonderful milk. Their ice cream is so good. We love their pies, especially coconut custard. Yumm

Pam E.

Omg, the kid size was perfect for the adults!! And the TEABERRY Ice Cream was even better!

Ruth M.

Stopped on my way home from Reading back to Coal Township. I saw they had butter cream eggs and just had to try them. They were like I always remembered and cannot find anymore…..sweet, creamy and delicious. While there, I figured I might as well have an ice cream cone. I asked for banana flavor and the young lady had the young man go into the back freezer and get a fresh made batch for me. It was fantastic. This is another of those items I love, but is not made too much anymore. Thank you for the delicious treats and the young lady who provided “what the customer wanted” today. She made me a happy man today.

Jim B.

The finest peanut-butter ice cream I’d ever had, and that was in the late 1970’s… This is still the finest ice-cream parlor in the known world. I live near DC, but every single time I’m in your part of Pennsylvania, I come in, without fail… Bless you for doing – consistently – what you do so brilliantly…

James M.

Seriously this place is amazing!

Steghem A.

Best chocolate milk ever!!

Paul G.

Best Ice Cream

Penny S.

Lots of flavors to choose from and the flavors were creamy and delicious. Tried the Ice Cream Palette giving me an opportunity to sample four flavors at once. Also reasonably priced as well.

Angelique S.

Has great ice cream and staff is very friendly.

Nikki M.

Always stop when in the area everything is always good and fresh

Len K.

Nice Home Made Farmer’s Market Stuff.

Isaac R.

Great place, friendly staff and the best ice cream.

Charlene H.

Excellent home made ice cream, and baked goods too!

Robert K.

A fun place to stop after school for a treat of ice cream cones & candy for granddaughter’s Birthday!

Janet H.

Great place, wholesome Americana is all I can say about this gem! PA Dutch settlers al around this area and they bake and cook some awesome food with all natural organic ingredients. The sticky buns are my personal favorite rite next to the iced raisin bread. Get a teaberry shake to become one with the universe.

Michael Q.

Farm Fresh Milk

Our milk is obtained and produced from the cows that we have living on the family farm which is located not far from the store. Want to know more?

Hand Crafted Ice Cream

Premium hand crafted ice cream in 40 staple flavors of Way-Har excellence! We also offer seasonal favorites, so make sure to visit us. All made on the farm!

Our Baked Goods

Everything is made fresh daily! We have warm autumn pies available seasonally! Interested in learning more? Click the button below.

Ice Cream Events

Host a party or event like they won't forget! Design your own flavors, rent our mobile ice cream vehicle for your event, and more!

Way-Har Milk Near You

Looking for our premium hand crafted dairy and dairy products closer to home? See where you can find us on our handy map! Updating now!

Other Treats in the Store

In Novelty Candies, Licorices, Gummy Candies, jellies, chips, pretzels, deli items, Pennsylvania dutch condiments and sides. Local artists create the hand woven baskets, and soy candles, plus other decorator items located through out the store.

Call to order items in advance!
Also feel free to eat in our dining area!
Gift cards are available.

Mocha Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Chocolate Milk made farm fresh at Wa-Har Farm in Bernville PA.

NEW Gift Cards

We have new gift cards available to get for that ice cream lover or chocolate milk drinker in the family. Stop by the store to buy a gift card!


NEW Mocha Milk and Strawberry Milk!

WayHar Farm Market has two new products, the mocha milk and strawberry milk. Come in and give one a try!

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