Homemade pies from wayhar farms and bakery. Find them for sale in Bernville PA.
Here are a variety of WayHar Farms ice cream flavors. This ice cream is homemade and available for purchase at their store in Bernville, PA.
Get Seasonal Fresh Made Pies This Fall

WayHar fresh made pies are a great warm treat to enjoy as the weather cools off and the leaves change color. Try seasonal pies fresh in our bakery!

Ice Cream adventure

Celebrate any occasion with an Ice Cream Making Party with WayHar!

Ice Cream Catering

WayHar Farms can bring it's delicious ice cream to your party, wedding, or picnic!

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We are a family owned & operated dairy farm market serving Berks County for over 50 years.

From Our Farm To Our Store

We process our own milk in our facility located in the back portion of our retail farm market. This facility is inspected each quarter by the PA Dept. of Agriculture. We process whole, 2%, Skim, Chocolate, Strawberry and Eggnog milks. Plus we bottle light and heavy cream as well. We have been processing milk in our market since 1970.

Additionally, we manufacture our own homemade ice cream right in our farm market. We have created and produce over 90 different flavors of ice cream. This premium ice cream is a hallmark for Way-Har Farms. It consists of a 14% base milk then we add numerous inclusions to create so many different flavors and varieties.

We are here for the cows and ice cream cones!

For years now, we have raised, groomed and milked our cows. Our supreme cows have won awards from many shows.





Farm Fresh Milk

Our milk is obtained and produced from the cows that we have living on the family farm which is located not far from the store. Want to know more?

Hand Crafted Ice Cream

Premium hand crafted ice cream in 40 staple flavors of Way-Har excellence! We also offer seasonal favorites, so make sure to visit us. All made on the farm!

Our Baked Goods

Everything is made fresh daily! We have warm autumn pies available seasonally! Interested in learning more? Click the button below.

Ice Cream Events

Host a party or event like they won't forget! Design your own flavors, rent our mobil ice cream vehicle for your event, and more!

Way-Har Milk Near You

Looking for our premium hand crafted dairy and dairy products closer to home? See where you can find us on our handy map! Updating now!

Mocha Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Chocolate Milk made farm fresh at Wa-Har Farm in Bernville PA.

NEW Mocha Milk and Strawberry Milk!

WayHar Farm Market has two new products, the mocha milk and strawberry milk. Come in and give one a try!

Other treats within the store

In Novelty Candies, Licorices, Gummy Candies, jellies, chips, pretzels, Pennsylvania dutch condiments and sides. Local artists create the hand woven baskets, and soy candles, plus other decorator items located through out the store.

Call to order items in advance!
Also feel free to eat in our dining area!
Gift cards are available.

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