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farm cows A little information about the farm

Our farm has been family owned for generations, since 1952. It started at 190 acres and has since then been expanded. We have recently added a barn to help with our growing needs. Along with our milking and show cows we grow all the nutritional needs for the cows. Foods such as corn, hay, wheat, rye, barley and alfalfa are all foods you can find on our farm.


How to sign up

Contact us at 610-488-1281 to schedule a date and time for your tour! Sign Up Now!

What is done throughout the tour

It is $7.00 per child; which includes a complimentary cup with a lid and a kiddie cone. Through the tour you will see our cows, manufacturing facility, and shop. You will get the chance to see how the milk and ice cream are made and how they are transported to the store.



We enjoy exhibiting our registered cattle at local fairs and shows in addition to national shows across the country. This allows us to showcase our herd of cows and meet other great dairymen that share our passion for raising high quality cattle. You can find our Holsteins, Jerseys, Milking Shorthorns, and Brown Swiss at the following shows.

Reading Fair – Reading, PA
Kutztown Fair – Kutztown, PA
Pennsylvania Southeast Championship Show – Lebanon, PA
All American Dairy Show – Harrisburg, PA
World Dairy Expo – Madison, WI


Come visit our “show ladies” at the fair and get to see where Way-Har milk comes from!

Our Award Winning Cows

Updated information coming soon.

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